JumpStart Consulting has been helping technology driven clients since 2009. Our clients operate in healthcare, financial services, logistics, and retail industries. Our expertise can be applied to any industry. We provide marketing and technology services that enable our clients to accelerate their business growth.

The principals are a husband and wife who met while working at a health tech startup in 2001, and have been collaborating on various marketing and technology projects ever since. We have a team of experienced designers and developers who produce high quality work.

Even though the word consulting is in our company name, we operate more like professionals you would hire as your full-time executive team leaders, and we are often hired as such. Our main objective is to help you assess and reach your milestones as quickly as possible, and within your budget.

We’ve been in your shoes, we know how challenging and fast-paced startups and new ventures are, and we have the best practices, strategies, tactics, and guidance to help you realize your goals and accelerate your business growth. We are also going to tell you when we think you are making a mistake, and the reasons why.

We apply the best of our corporate branding and enterprise software experience along with our startup management experience to help our clients get their apps launched, customers acquired/converted and processes in place. We are lean and fast like our clients, and we value quality, process, testing, metrics and taking a disciplined and integrated approach to marketing and technology.

Christy Hawkins
Principal and Marketing Lead
Mike Hawkins
Principal and Technology Lead

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